Top 5 Legendaries to Craft or Destroy


What's the best card to craft early on?  It's a tough question, and one with a lot of good potential answers.  In our evaluation of cards for crafting, the main thing we are looking at is meta presence - how often does a card make it into a deck?  Is it multiple types of decks or just one? Does it ever fall out of the meta and become less useful?

Our highest ranked cards have been tier 1 and tier 2 for years, and are so good that it sometimes becomes difficult to imagine a deck in their faction or pairing without them.  When even Praxis tokens decks run Heart of the Vault, it's a good indicator that that card is worth rolling into.

You should also pick the card that corresponds to the faction you're most fond of - cards like Vadius for Skycrag, Kothon for Hooru, Ayan for Xenan, Tavrod for Argenport and Jotun Feast-Caller and Amilli for mono-colors, none of which are pairings or factions mentioned in this video.  Mono-Fire and Shadow can benefit from cycle cards like End of the Line or Jekk, Hunted Fugitive, but also easily get by on a pretty serious budget, relying more on bomb rares like Obliterate or Impending Doom to add spice.

So that's crafting.  What's a good card to destroy?  Well, none of them, really. Unless you desperately need the early shiftstone for rares or want to jump into the tournament scene right the heck now, you should only destroy cards that you know you won't enjoy, because exploring and tweaking the cards you do enjoy provides your best shiftstone earnings.  If you burn out playing something powerful that you find boring, you're torturing yourself for inefficient results.  Most Eternal legendaries (yes, even Prixis) have at least some build-around me potential, and speaking as someone who has built decks with virtually all of them, there have been only a few where trying to solve their particular puzzle has wrought abject failure and misery.  And I could still be wrong about some of them!

But probably not Riddle Game.