Neon’s Classic Articles


The following articles were written by Neon over the course of the last 2 years, originally published on RNG Eternal. This is not a complete collection, but focuses on articles that may be of interest for current players. While they have been re-edited slightly, there has been no major revision of the content, and therefore may-or-may-not have any relation to Neon’s current views. These are shared grouped loosely based on topic

Puzzle Solutions - Its the solution to the puzzles.

The Chapin AMA - Chapin did an AMA, so the only natural thing to do was analyze it to death.

Top 10 Most Influential Decklists - A look back at set 1’s most impactful decks.

FreeR-to-Play - Which is more free-to-play, Eternal or Hearthstone?

Understanding the MTGA Economy - Initial take on the structure of the MTGA Economy.

Analyzing the MTGA Economy - Analysis of the Magic the Gathering Arena’s economy after beta launch in March.

Spikes, Variance, and Indiana Jones - Sometimes we don’t know what’s best for ourselves.

Balance and Fun - Games need both balance and fun, and they are related.

Pushed Cards - Some cards are better than others. Why?

Defending Darude - Darude may not have been the hero we wanted, but he was the hero we needed.

Breaking Burn - You know your enemy, now what?

Getting Good - How do you really improve your play?

Understanding Control Mirrors - Control mirrors are a different kind of game. How do you approach them?

Tempo - What is tempo and how do we use it?

Understanding Size Advantage - Neon’s first Eternal article.

Lonesome Dove - A very serious article about doves.

Tombstone - A very serious article about huckleberries.