Joining A+Space!

We are looking for more people to join the team! If you are a gamer nerd with passion for content, we want you! No experience? No problem! It’s not like any of us really know what we are doing! There are a few different roles we are looking for, so take a look!

One important point to clarify up front: this is not a for-profit enterprise for the time being. These are not jobs, but volunteer positions. Maybe thing will grow some day to the point that there is enough money to pay people, but that is a ways off. Our first priority with any money would be to pay for costs specifically associated with content creation, such as software licences or hosting fees.

Content Creators

We feel like content creators are an important part of a content website. So what do you need to know? First, content producers will largely be starting as guests. Contact us with a pitch for content, or the finished product. Someone from A+Space will take a look, and let you know as soon as possible if we can host the content. Your content will go through normal editing process, and then be added to the site. If you would like to be a regular contributor after submitting a few pieces of content we will discuss joining up as a regular contributor.

FAQ about Content creation for A+Space:

Q: What kind of content do you take?

A: Pretty broad. We focus on digital card games, especially Eternal and Artifact, but we are willing to host Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent, or even non-card gaming content. Quality is more important! A well-researched and well-written article about Hearthstone game design is more likely to be posted than an unedited video from an Eternal stream. Just talk to us about ideas, and we will come up with something.

Q: Can you post stuff that I upload on my Youtube channel?

A: Yes! There are no rules for exclusivity. If you have your own Youtube channel and want to post your video both on the A+Space website and your channel that is fine. Podcast on Soundcloud? We can load that onto A+Space as well! The content is ultimately your own, we are acting as a hosting service. If you have questions about what this means, be sure to contact us.

Q: Will we get paid?

A: (This is mentioned above) Nope! That is a bit harsh, but let me explain. As of writing this A+Space is just launching, meaning that we have no money. Once we get a bit of money the priority will be to cover the expenses, such as website hosting fees, or the cost of necessary software for the team. Once that is covered we will begin to look at actually paying people, but that is a ways off. We *want* to pay people, but that is not where we are at.

Q: Do I have to edit my article?

A: So, people often don't really get the function of editing/proofreading. As a writer you should fix most of the spelling, grammar, and clarity issues that you have, and we will work with you to polish your work to a final product. If the piece is unreadable, we are probably not interested.

Q: I have a portfolio!

A: That’s not really a question, but you should probably show that to us if you want to do guest content.


That’s the name right? When someone collects news and tells you about it? A news-er? Because they are Sounds right to me. Anyway, the job we be to write weekly articles to summarize news from the card-gaming world. You would write like a couple hundred words per week essentially. It is good to have experience/knowledge in a range of card games. If you are interested in getting into e-sports journalism this is a good way to build up a portfolio!


The year is 2018, and we still need to get humans to edit our work. I know. Why can’t the robots do it for us? I don’t know dude. We have had spell check for 20 years, but we still need to get real people. If you are someone who wants to exercise your opportunity to edit before the robots take your job this is the time! Your responsibility would be looking at content made by our creators (largely written stuff) and provide proofreading and edits on their material. It is helpful to have some experience in this area, but really all that is necessary is that you have experience with Microsoft Word and be a grammar fascist.

Social Media Manager

You know what? Social media can be a lot of work. There is a lot of it now-a-days, and it can be hard to keep up with everything. If you are a Facebooker, Instagramer, Tweeter extraordinary, and want to help us out, we could use someone that manages all the social media stuff we got going on. This would not require much work, but would require some regular input.


Have you ever wanted to be a MASTER of the WEB?? Well, that is what you get to do! If you choose to take up this mantle, you will be expected to use your power benevolently! You will upload content, manage links and images, and upkeep information rather than death and destruction. You would work especially closely with guest content creators to get their work on the site. This is a great way to get some experience working with Squarespace, which is a useful experience for job applications!

Video Editor

You might have noticed, but we create a lot of videos here on A+Space. While most content creators tend to do much of their own video editing work, there are some times when they could used some help. Could you be the one to help them?



If you want to apply for any of these positions please reach us through the contact page. If you have other skills such as audio editing, graphic design, digital music, or anything else and want to get involved, please get in contact! We are very interested in finding new and interesting ways to enhance the work of the site.

Looking forward to working with you!