Haunted Highway (Paradox) vs. JPS Midrange (jez2718) - Game of the Week #7 - Neon - October 21, 2018

The finals of this week's ETS featured JPS Midrange (piloted by jez2718) versus Haunted Highway (played by Paradox), and it was a fun one! Today we review game 1 of that series, and talk though the gameplay decisions that dictated who won. This is a great lesson in finding lethal un unlikely spots!

Note: I am pretty hard on Paradox in this video, given that he certainly made some mistakes, but I want to emphasize that I respect him as a player. The deck is hard, it was a long day, and we all have bad games. It also sucks that one of his bad games happened to be on camera, but we can still learn from it.

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Footage is from RNG Eternal's ETS event from October 20th.

Paradox's Haunted Highway

jez2718's JPS Midrange

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