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Eternal Cast

The original Eternal Podcast.

88 - Flashing Into Shadow

Neon is joined by flash2351 to give our evaluation of the Into Shadow campaign!

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87 - Messenger Hawk Will Cost Me So Many Games (w/ LightsOutAce)

LightsOutAce covers for SirRhino, giving us a chance to chat about the new the new adventure, new cards, and the ranked/tournament meta!

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Neon's Classic Articles | Is Gods Unchained a Scam?

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86 - The $100,000 Episode

Do you want a slice of that $100,000 prize pool? You are going to have to practice! SirRhino and Neon break down the major Eternal announcements of the week, and then give some tips on how to improve your practice.

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85 - Balance! News! ETS!

It's been quite the week for Eternal news, so SirRhino and Neon sat down to talk it out! Event, Twitch Drops, Balance changes and ETS. Sound quality is a little off this week, sorry about that!


Balance notes

Argenport Midrange Article

84 - Evaluating Units w/ SirRhino and Talking Content w/ Ilyon

SirRhino stops by to talk about the ancient divide by between flying fish and giant angels, followed by a lovely conversation with guest Ilyon about content creation!

PSully Rant

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83 - Fall of Argenport Draft with Flash

SirRhino takes the night off, meaning Flash and Neon get some alone time. Fall of Argenport draft has been up for a while now, so lets talk about how the format has unfolded!



Flash's draft tier list

82 - Life is Unfair (and so is Answer the Call)

Sometimes life is unfair, but in this episode we will be talking unfair decks! Is it time to nerf Answer the Call?


Rakano Answer the Call

Artifact Lore Video

81 - Feel the Brew.

How do you counter the meta? Neon and SirRhino talk news, then attempt to solve the meta via theorizing and speculation!

Neon’s Post-Nerf Blitz

ETS Top 8




The meta is *so* good right now! SirRhino and Neon talk recent news, TJP Blitz, and the overall shape of the meta as given by the ETS top 8!


ETS Decklists

Camat0 Blitz

"Top 10 Influential Decklists from Set 1" Article


#79 - Ranked, Markets, and Cards

Neon and SirRhino give their first impressions of FoA ranked.... and then somehow get on an extended rant about Merchants and card advantage? Lot's of interesting conversation either way!


FJS Midrange

#76-78 - Fall of Argenport Draft Review

Argenport may be falling, but someone still need to review all the cards! Neon and SirRhino rate all the commons and uncommons!