Hi everyone! Welcome to the wonderful world of draft! It's a complex and dangerous world though, so it would be foolhardy to venture out without a guide, so read this first!

Drafting 101 Part 1: Drafting the Cards
Drafting 101 Part 2: Building the Deck
Drafting 101 Part 3: Playing the Deck

A natural progression after reading the guide would be to look out for common pitfalls:

10 Common Mistakes (Part 1: Drafting)
10 Common Mistakes (Part 2: Gameplay)

A guide is one thing, but an actual road map would also serve you well:

Flash and TDC's Combined Draft Tier List

sKeeme has also gone through the effort to program this tier list into a helpful overlay that you can check out here: Eternal Drafting Tool

(Note: The tier list is only really useful for the initial picks because as the pack progresses, factors such as being on-faction vs being on the splash, curve issues and specific synergies can and will change the relative value of cards)

Of course, it's all good and handy to talk about all these theory, but when push comes to shove, it's the execution that matters! Check out these drafting and gameplay videos for an idea of how to navigate drafts!

y0tta, Flash and Drifter (15/7/2018)
LOA, Flash and Drifter (7/8/2018)
AromaNova, Flash and Drifter (10/8/2018)
y0tta, Flash, Mgallop and Drifter (12/8/2018)
AromaNova, Flash and Drifter (30/8/2018)

And if you are still wanting for more, I have a weekly column at a-space-games.com, so head over to find out more! There are also often helpful folk in #draft in the Eternal discord that are more than happy to help you with your drafts if needed!