What is A+Space?

A website! In fact, it is the website you are on right now! Not convinced? Well, you can look at the URL thingy and check for yourself! I suppose someone could take a picture of this and put it on another website, in which case you are not on A+Space, and I really can't help you.

The name "A+Space" comes from the game Eternal, where hitting the "A" then the space bar lets you attack with all your units. This way of approaching life - recklessly attacking and hope things work out - is the philosophy we want to communicate with this site! If you want to know what A+Space does, we talk about games. Usually digital card games, but we sometimes talk about other kinds of games too. Our focus right now is Eternal and Artifact, but we work on some other games too!

If you are coming from the game Eternal, you are likely familiar with a number of our writers from RNG Eternal. As you probably know, RNG Eternal has been working hard to maintain the Eternal Tournament Series as well as Eternal-related content. To do a better job on both goals it was decided that RNG Eternal would focus on the ETS, and A+Space could be formed to focus on the content work. While we are still close friends with RNG Eternal, we are separate organizations. A+Space is also be a home for Artifact, Magic, and other card-gaming related articles and videos (so that Neon can finally put all his content in one place)!

Our team has a ton of gaming experience, and are here to share their thoughts on strategy, deck building, theory, news, and more! They are all highly trained in the art of hot takes, wild speculation, and dank memes. Questioning their authority will be met with swift and severe punishment.

Want to follow us on social media? Have ideas for content? Interested in working with us on content creation? Check out our contact page! We are always looking for new talent and opportunities for collaboration! You can also find information about joining the team!

You can also support our quest for world domination by going to our support page, where you can donate, sign up for our Patreon, or find out about any merchandise we may have (which is none right now).